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Welcome to New South Realty Associates. We are an Atlanta, Georgia-based real estate brokerage firm providing a broad spectrum of commercial real estate brokerage and leasing services in both Georgia and Florida.  We specialize in the brokerage of investment and development properties, including acquisition and disposition of residential and commercial properties, land assemblage, and commercial leasing.

With a consistent, on-target anticipation of market conditions and the talent for recognizing high-performing investment potential, New South Realty Associates strives to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our track record is founded on expertise, constant diligence and an unyielding commitment to our client's needs. In only 19 years, the outstanding team at New South Realty Associates has participated in transactions worth more than $160 million in residential and commercial property transactions. We invite you to explore our site and/or contact us to examine how we may help you yield opportunities on your commercial real estate ventures.

Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Firm In
Georgia & Florida

Our Goal

To give each one of our clients the highest level of service and an expertise that will save our clients valuable time and thousands of dollars. Each decision is judged by what benefit it brings you, our valued clients.

Our business is gained through referrals from past clients who have already had the opportunity to utilize our services. With this in mind, our team will strive to fully exceed our client’s expectations, because we know that happy clients are the lifeblood of our business.